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News!!! As of 22-05- 2013, new machinery for the manufacture of z purlins arriving in our newcastle upon tyne factory giving us greater manufacturing capacity meaning better prices and service
please ring tyneside 0191 2672900 for a quote
We are steel purlin manufacturers our range includes galvanised steel z purlins, cladding rails and eaves beams including all the associated accessories such as speed fix sagbars, cleader angles, side rail supports and purlin struts, purlin tie wires etc

call 0191 2672900 for a price .

if you require z purlins, steel c sections or cladding rails ? give us a call with your requirement, we will beat any genuine like for like quotation , we also have an urgent zed purlins delivery service please ask for details

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z (zed) purlins

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all of the steel z purlins, c (cee) section purlins and eaves beams that we manufacture are rollformed from pre-hot dipped galvanised steel S450 with a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 450N/mm and Z275 galvanised coating. our z purlin, eaves beam and cee channels satisfy & conform to the requirements of BS5950: Part 5 (1998). in conjunction with on site testing, there are several fixing configurations that can be used in roof or side wall conditions, all using typical zed purlins,

roof zed Purlin butted system
two Zed-purlins are simply butted together and fixed onto a cleat,
This system is suitable for low loading applications with up to 9m
spans depending on section size and loading. For technical advice,
please phone 0191 2672900

roof z Purlin sleeved system This system is used where a
particular loading requires the zed purlin to span over two or more
bays. the zed purlins are joined over the rafter with a zed section
sleeve approx 800mm long ,the z purlins and sleeve are bolted
through the cleat to form a continuous run over the rafter this
greatly increases the stability of the purlin section

Side wall butted z rail system The fixing method of the butted side
zed rails is the same as the above roof system, the zed rails are
simply butted together and bolted to the cleat, spans depend on
section size, the type of bracing and side wall loadings

About Us

We are a Newcastle based, family run industrial roofing company who have manufactured steel roofing sheets & steel structural sections for more than 20 years. We manufacture a range of structural sections available and have on the shop floor standard lenghs for immediate collection,these include z purlins, c (cee) section purlins, eaves beams, sagbars, zed purlin struts, zed purlin tie wires and associated products. We also manufacture a full range of corrugated steel roofing sheets and cladding materials including all accessories such as flashings and rain water goods. these are also in standard lengths for immediate collection Our delivery service is throughout the UK and in some cases we can manufacture and deliver next day. We can provide a full factory roofing service including industrial roofing, roof cladding & a roofing sheet service with all steel structural sections